Notes on “Alcibiades I”.

“Alcibiades I” was written by Platão. Below are some statements made in that text. They aren’t citations. They do not necessarely reflect my opinions on this subject.

  1. When in doubt, you call an expert.
  2. It’s a shame when an expert can not name his own field.
  3. You shouldn’t start an unjust war.
  4. There’s no consensus on what justice even is.
  5. You can’t teach something you don’t know.
  6. Contradictions in a discourse reveal that the person supporting the discourse doesn’t know what they are talking about.
  7. You can only have doubts over something you know you are ignorant about, and only for as long as you want to learn more about it.
  8. The worst kind of ignorance is being sure that you know something when you actually do not (prejudice).
  9. The mistakes that politicians make come from their ignorance about what’s just and what’s not.
  10. If you know, teach me.
  11. When you are used to your ignorance, you no longer feel it.
  12. You should be corrected when you are young.
  13. Caring for something is keeping it in good state or improving it.
  14. Caring for yourself isn’t the same thing as caring for your belongings.
  15. If you don’t know something, you can’t care for it.
  16. You aren’t your body.
  17. A wise person knows himself.
  18. “Loving” a person for their body alone isn’t love, because body is also a belonging, but not the person.
  19. You can know yourself by comparing yourself to others.
  20. If you don’t know yourself, you can not care for yourself.
  21. A politician who can’t care for himself, can’t care for his people.
  22. Happiness isn’t achieved by money, but by wisdom.
  23. If money brought happiness, rich nations were supposed to be the happiest.
  24. You can’t teach virtue without having it.

Publicado por Yure

Quando eu me formei, minha turma teve que fazer um juramento coletivo. Como minha religião não me permite jurar nem prometer, eu só mexi os lábios, mas resolvi viver com os objetivos do juramento em mente de qualquer forma.

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