28 de fevereiro de 2018

Oh, speaking of pedophilia, did you know that the author of Rurouni Kenshin was caught with child porn yesterday?

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Someone needs to tell that to Katrien; that boy would be a great addition to Minor-Attracted Figures in History, specially because he confesses his feelings to the police: “I liked girls from the upper grades of elementary school to around the second year of junior high school.” But you know? After everything that I have studies on this subject, after having watched all Rurouni Kenshin episodes, after learning that age of consent in Japan is 13 (though it can be higher depending on the city), I don’t think he should have been arrested because of that. In Japan, possession of child pornography is punished with a fine (he will pay almost 2000 dollars), not with jail time.

As I have been studying relationships between adults and minors from a more scientific and philosophical point of view, I never touch the subject of child pornography. I have zero interest in studying the issue in depth, because I think it’s something of smaller importance. In any case, a dude who made a manga about peace, about love, about Japanese history, about philosophy… those who have read and watched Rurouni Kenshin know, he really can’t be a bad person. Is there a reason to be disappointed with him? The only way to know for sure is understanding what is child pornography and how it works. First, I’m curious about one thing: if the age of consent in some Japanese places is 13 and the videos he kept depicted teens aged 15, why he didn’t move to a place where age of consent is 15 to legally build a relationship with an adolescent? Oro!

Anyway. To start, we need to accept that there needs to have no explicit sex for something to be considered child pornography. Currently, the biggest producers of child pornography are the very minors, who even distribute and consume that pornography. “Where?”, you may wonder. In the form of nudes. Erotic pictures showing a person under age of 18 are child pornography, even if there’s no sex. even if there’s no adult paying, encouraging or motivating the tyke. The youngest person to be investigated for production of child porn is a five-year-old boy from United Kingdom. But how will authorities deal with the problem? Stopping prosecution of unharmed minors who are having fun? No, but forbidding the selling of cellphones to kids. See if it makes sense. Protecting someone from something that is not harmful to them isn’t protection, but control. There’s an open war against child sexuality. Now, if there are minors producing and exchanging that porn among themselves, isn’t it clear that they are having fun and no one is being harmed? “But what if it leaks?”, someone may ask. Well, great, we should punish the person who leaked the file. It’s a matter of common sense. Why forbid cellphone usage by kids because the camera can be misused?

That takes me to the second problem: if age of consent in Japan can be as low as 13, while it’s 14 in Brazil (where I live), why is it a crime to have pornography depicting people from age 14 to 17? “UN says so”, someone might say. Good, but, as far as I know, the main purpose of UN is to promote world peace and avoid the third world war. I wonder how that prohibition plays a role in world peace. In fact, just between us, UN does a terrible job at promoting world peace. For example, they say that the Brazilian Military Police must be extinct. If their meetings happened at Rocinha, they would think differently. Tomorrow or not, North Korea will fire a missile against United States and the third world war will happen with no problem, despite what UN thinks on the subject. I wonder how the idea of “childhood innocence” is going to stop a missile. In fact, that innocence only exists in the minds of some adults: if a five-year-old snaps pictures of his dink to show his little friends, then that innocence doesn’t exist, unless “innocence” means “lack of sex shame”.

So, in a country where age of consent can be so low, the fact of him being just fined for possession of child pornography depicting 15-year-old girls, which could have even been recorded and shared by those very girls, without adult intervention, isn’t something otherworldly, as some people at Kotaku think. It was a small criminal offense in that context. But only Japanese people can see it, because their moral codes are more pragmatical.

So, if you are wondering if I’m favorable to the legalization of child porn, I would like to say that there are both pro and against arguments. The only reason why I position myself against comes from my own career choice (teacher).

I know that many tykes only attend to school because they need at least a middle school diploma in order to have a decent job. Let’s suppose that child porn became legal today. Tomorrow, there would be some files in legal circulation already. Then, one tyke has the great idea of monetizing the pictures and videos. If he had a source of money income (because there are a lot of people willing to pay for it), at same time as he sees school as an intermediate step between childhood and a job, don’t you think he would be tempted to drop his studies? If the practice became popular, and the minors engaged in sincere competition, the evasion rates in 3rd World schools would increase, or so I think. When I told that to another guy, he asked me “mandatory basic education doesn’t work in Brazil?” No, it does not. In the district I live, you don’t have to walk a mile to find both children and adults who can not read. Why? Because, between school and employment, they would pick employment anytime. Several minors only attend to school because their parents say so, some of those parents even despise school themselves and are unwilling to attend. If they could have a “decent” life without learning to read, why would those adults (or their children) want to attend to school anyway? I also was like that, until I started to really like philosophy in middle school. But today, in a world where more and more education is needed, you either study… or develop an alternative way of income, even if that means producing child porn.

So, to finalize: try to see things through Japanese eyes. The “small” punishment suffered by the author of Rurouni Kenshin has a reason to be, for a nation which only criminalized child porn possession recently. The fact of those laws being more severe in our side of the globe doesn’t serve as absolute indicator that our laws are the “correct” ones. It just mean that our laws are American. Even if child porn continues to be a crime forever, is it really worth to punish adults (and minors) with years in jail, plus sex offender registering, because of it?

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