Was it sexual assault?

When I was in college, something rather odd happened to me while I climbed upstairs alone to go to the library. A girl, one of my friends, came towards me, in downstairs direction, while I walked upstairs. When she got close enough, she pat my butt. I continued my way, but, when I reached the top, I looked back at her. She was smiling playfully. I may have pulled a silly, or maybe indifferent face, but I admit that it wasn’t a bad experience. Actually, that was the closest I ever got to get laid anyway. Sad, isn’t it?

So, knowing that:

  • The act didn’t harm my body, my mind or my image, but;
  • Was a butt slap, an act frequently seen as “libidinous”, often embarrassing;

I ask: was it sexual assault? If yes, then assault is an objective concept; otherwise, it’s a subjective concept. If assault is an objective concept, then it’s problematic: in fact, at least in my case, it was a victimless crime. I would never report her, because she was young, had a bright future to pursue. How could I report her over something so small? I would need to be a money-thirsty mercenary. I’m only disclosing this because I don’t know where she lives, I forgot her name and there’s no records to prove that the episode has happened, so it would be impossible to start an investigation against her.

If subjective, then something may or may not be assault solely depending on who received the action, their judgement on the issue, not the nature of the act. For example, a man was reported for sexual assault because he, while taking a picture with a woman, kept her close by her waist. According to the woman, he squeezed her waist twice, which caused her such a profound psychological damage that it was like her whole person had been erased. That means that the man was reported for hugging her by the waist and giving squeezes, which supposedly traumatized the woman. But that’s not an act often seen as “libidinous”, nor is it stereotypically “embarrassing”.

If assault is an objective concept, we need to draw a sharp line between what’s libidinous and what is not, like I suggested to be done for statutory rape, in a way to not punish harmless acts. If it’s an subjective concept, it must become objective, to avoid allowing a person to prosecute another solely on a particular interpretation of the act, almost as if the accuser had powers of a judge.

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Quando eu me formei, minha turma teve que fazer um juramento coletivo. Como minha religião não me permite jurar nem prometer, eu só mexi os lábios, mas resolvi viver com os objetivos do juramento em mente de qualquer forma.

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  1. This [but patting] is a good example, of where we need to be sane and level headed enough…to allow humans to be human.

    Touching of the butt can be quite a friendly thing. It would be monstrous to prosecute, what you have described…and utterly senseless.

    I think the problem stems from a self entitled society, that believes it’s entitled to this type of hyper “protection”.

    …It’s not protection…but many people only tend to figure this out, after they’ve become the accused.

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    1. I think that’s something akin to “I would find it wrong, so he must have aproblem for not thinking so.” It’s the point of view of a person being forced upon me. It’s like society shutting it’s ears and screaming loud enough to convince others to think alike, so it can feel it’s beliefs validated, even if, deep inside, those beliefs are wrong.

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  2. It would be based upon the perception of the act and not the act itself. To mt, it seems this female who was being photographed next to a man could have a serious mental ailment. The man was holding her close for a photo she could have pushed him away or protested. It is impossible to determine the intent of the Man which sounds to me to have been merely a friendly photo shoot.
    I remember when I worked as an employee at a bank I would make jokes sometime to some of the other employees by saying this comment, “I might Go after you for sexual harassment because you are undressing me with your eyes!” This was always a joke to provoke laughter. When we as a group begin to permit such hysteria it will always expand to the more and more ridiculous.
    Such as the story of a female who had consensual sex with a man for sometime. Later she tried (in the U.S.A.) to charge him and sue him for statutory rape claiming that the sexual intercourse that she willingly engaged in was based purely upon the man being a wealthy man. Later… she discovered that the man was telling her fibs about his personal wealth. She then went to court to attempt to gain revenge/compensation claiming that because the sex was based exclusively upon the wealth of the man and not the man; she was a victim of rape.
    This is nonsense to me. We must remember that we exist only now. There are only points in Time and not lines, furthermore you can only ever be present in a single point. There are no lines and no streams. Nothing from any other point can have an effect upon you at your present point unless you will it to. These type of things are an attempt to “open the door” to absurd concepts such as compensation for ancient slavery or other events from the far-off past. One coukd argue that because these things happened in the past, they are not real.

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    1. If the sex was based upon wealth alone, but the guy had no money, it wasn’t rape. At most, she was an unpaid prostitute. Hopefully, my straightforwardness didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
      Thanks for your comment, big Octaevius! Always nice to see you around.

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