Mês: março 2018

  • Notes on “The Course in Positive Philosophy”.

    “The Course in Positive Philosophy” was written by Auguste Comte. Below are some thoughts found in his text. There are three kinds of philosophy, if we define philosophy as the pursuit for truth: theology, metaphysics and science. We can’t explain the universe using a single law. While theology and metaphysics try to seek the final […]

  • Kant’s “Critique of Judgment”.

    “Critique of Judgment” was written by Kant. Below are some paraphrased thoughts found in his text. Something can be a waste of money and resources and still be nice to look at. My aesthetic taste doesn’t rely solely on beauty. Your taste for art, for example, only matters in society. “Pleasant” is subjective. Beauty can […]

  • Defendendo causas controversas online.

    Eu vejo algumas pessoas defendendo causas controversas na Internet e fazendo isso de forma terminantemente infrutífera. Eu não sei se estão brincando ou não. Eu nunca fiz essa defesa de forma incisiva, mas, se eu tivesse que fazer, eu faria mais ou menos da forma abaixo. No livro Paedophilia: The Radical Case, O’Carroll diz que […]