21 de junho de 2018

About the removal of a TEDx Talk about pedophilia.

So, this week a TEDx talk about pedophilia appeared on YouTube. The name was something like “Why our perception of pedophilia should change.” Dude, what happened within four days after the talk was posted has both positive and negative consequences. There is a good side to what happened.

First, let’s talk about the video. The video showed a woman giving a lecture on how the social stigma related to pedophilia prevents sincere pedophiles from seeking treatment. There are several reasons for this: fear of mandatory reporting, fear of repercussion within the family, fear of losing a job, fear of losing friends, fear of violence, fear in general. Because of this highly justified fear, a lot of pedophiles remain in the closet, dealing with their problems alone, including sexual abstinence. They can not seek professional support, either for legal or social reasons. So, unless people understand that pedophiles are human beings and that many of them want help, treatment for pedophiles who want treatment can not be effectively applied. It is true, pedophilia has no cure, but there are several problems related to it, a great majority of social nature, that transform a harmless attraction, that can be satisfied by mere fantasies, into a huge problem. The treatment would not be aimed at curing the pedophile, because that is impossible, but to help him to remain law-abiding, while improving the quality of his life. This will never happen if society’s perception of pedophilia does not change. Therefore, the stigma of pedophilia, by amplifying the problems that the pedophile has to deal with, interfering with his mental balance, while preventing him from seeking help, fertilizes the fields of adult/child sex.

I bet that most people who disliked the video only paid attention to the title. Soon, there were angry cries that the TEDx channel was normalizing pedophilia and, consequently, working for its legalization. Firstly, pedophilia is not a crime. The opinion of the scientific community is that pedophilia, when it causes mental maladjustment or when it finds illegal expression, is a psychiatric disorder. Pedophilia is different from adult/child sex, as the first is a feeling and the second is an act. Because TEDx is a scientific community, it has nothing to do with laws. Their job is to provide a space for people to speak their minds. The people who decide about the laws are the politicized population, while science, if it is really science, can not act with political intention. So the TEDx channel has never intended to legalize anything. Secondly, this shows that a lot of people who raise their voices against pedophilia do not care about children’s safety! The reaction to the video was so bad that the channel took the video offline in the same week it was posted and another talk on the same channel, on the same subject, that is, on the treatment of pedophiles’ problems so that they do not break the law, already is under attack. Do you understand what I’m saying? These people are braindead. It is clear that the antipedophile movement has nothing to do with child welfare, otherwise they would not attack therapeutic ideas!

The good side of this is that the anti-pedophile movement will lose credit among smart people. These people will see the situation, nod their heads, and say “a bunch of guys who have not seen the video lobbied to censor therapeutic content of public relevance in an academic channel.” This is an attack on freedom of research and expression, a great display of ignorance that, on top of all this madness, can be harmful to children. And I’m not just talking about sexually active children or molested children, I’m talking about people who discover, as a child, that they are pedophiles themselves. Yes, there are pedophile teens who hide the feeling but absorb that stigma that comes from all sides, which worsens their self-control, their self-esteem and, of course, serves as a background for the suicide of young people. So the good thing is that this disastrous reaction works against anti-pedophiles. They are not in this because they want the safety of their children or the safety of future generation. Then why?

Simple: pedophiles are the last group we are allowed to hate. You can no longer discriminate against Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, immigrants, women, you can only discriminate pedophiles. So make no mistake: the goal of these people is not, and now this is proven enough, to protect children, but to make pedophiles’ lives hell, which goes against the ideal of protecting children. What moves those people is hatred. They want excuses to hate, because hate makes them feel good. Who’s sick now?

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  2. Did anyone grab a copy of this video?…I’m wondering what the fuss was all about.

    I got sent a link, but it was already removed by the time I had opportunity to check it out.

    I know quite some time back, they had a psychiatrist [young female, with long black hair], talking about this exact thing…I think I blogged about it…Possibly saved a copy of that one…It sounds a lot like this video.

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    Comentário por eqfoundation — 22 de junho de 2018 @ 14:27

    • I think it was reposted by antis with the goal of shaming it. It’s likely resubmitted to Youtube.


      Comentário por Yure — 22 de junho de 2018 @ 16:07

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