14 de julho de 2018

An e-mail that I sent to Gay Star News.

So, since everyone is talking about the so called “pedophile pride flag” these days, I decided, as a good student on the subject, to clarify things to the tykes at Gay Star News. Since it’s unlikely that they would post my e-mail, I decided to paste it here for the public.

Regarding “minor-attracted people”.

I read your post on the flag thing and I have some thoughts on that story. First of all, “minor-attracted person” is a term pushed by B4U-ACT, a therapeutic circle that aims to help pedophiles and hebephiles to stay law-abiding despite having feelings for minors. The idea behind the term isn’t to normalize pedophilia, but to make pedophiles feel more at an ease with their therapists, as the word “pedophile” has become an insult. It’s an euphemism at most.

Second, MAPs in general want nothing to do with LGBT. It’s futile to attach yourself to a movement that doesn’t want your presence and rejects you. Saying that you are part of it doesn’t change anything. Both groups are separated. Worth noting is that, while there are MAPs interested in legalization, there are also MAPs who just are not. So, MAPs can not make any efforts towards any big societal change because there’s no consensus in the MAP communities regarding legalization. In fact, that’s an issue that divides that minority into smaller minorities, thus reducing their political potential for pretty much anything.

Third, you can be diagnosed with pedophilia at the age of sixteen, if you have feelings for minors for at least six months and said minors are under the age of thirteen. That being said, you can be a MAP and a minor at same time. So, it’s confusing that the article says that “minors should steer away from MAPs” because there are minors who identify as MAPs (again, that doesn’t imply that they act illegally and doesn’t even imply interest in legalization).

Finally, considering all those things, one is reminded of the Heart Progress scam. The consensus among the MAP communities around the Internet, both for legalization and against legalization, is that Heart Progress was a huge troll. The idea was to attach the stigma of pedophilia to leftist ideology. I came across MAPs saying that Heart Progress was founded by the alt-right, in an attempt to discredit the left. So, if MAPs don’t want association with LGBT (nor LGBT wants association with MAPs), all attempts at bringing the two together, at least in the West, should be seen as trollish behavior. Another incident that comes to mind was those five or so people carrying a NAMBLA banner during a leftist march. Turns out they weren’t really left, but were there to sabotage the march.

Understand that, in times of conservativism, the left in general and gays in particular are under a storm. They will try all sorts of extreme things to discredit leftist ideology and reduce liberals in number. I also think you should look deeper into the issue of attraction to minors, because, from the text that I read, you are very ill-informed.

I wrote a text on attraction to minors and it can be read in this site, here.

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