24 de setembro de 2018

For better or for worse, the MAP Starting Guide has been rewritten.

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One year after its original publication, the MAP Starting Guide has been rewritten. The message is the same, but now it is written in different words. Before, the explicit message was “you’re not a monster, even though society sees you as such.” Now the same message is written as “you were born in the wrong society.” In the original text, I made several emotional appeals and the text had a very personal charge. I was talking to you and comforting you like I would comfort a friend. Now the text is more academic, though still quite personal. The original version was kept in Portuguese and the Russians translated the original text as well, which can be read at Right to Love . As I doubt the new text is better than the old one, I cautioned the owner of Right to Love so he would not translate the new version, as the original version is “cute” enough for the younger to understand better.

The revision was necessary because a number of criticisms were not addressed as they should, notably with regard to definitions. Also, I was not being completely unbiased and I wanted the text to be appreciated regardless of the reader’s political orientation (whether pro-contact or anti-contact). The text tried not to sound pro-contact, but failed here and there. If the text has a “therapeutic” purpose, it should reach as many people as possible and professing a specific alignment would undermine that goal. In the current text, where it was necessary to say something that sounded pro-contact, I had to readily offer counter-arguments in vogue, especially with regard to the issue of informed consent. But why would anything pro-contact be necessary? Well, I needed, in order to reiterate my point that the guilt and shame felt by the target audience stemmed from a dissonance between the attraction and the socio-political orientation of the West, to show that there are places or there were times when such relationships were or are normal and desirable as well as they can be engaged in a healthy way for both parties. It was strange that shortly after the section statistics and anecdotes I struck the reader with a “children not consent”, but even that expression came to be reduced to essential terms and demystified.

Finally, this version of MAP Starting Guide will be updated as I learn more about it. Unlike the first version, this one is “rolling release”. Any information that assists in the well-being of the target audience will be reviewed and included in a neutral way.

For those who are worried, I have not become anti-contact. I am preparing a large textual aberration affectionately called lolipill. Of course this is the working title, not the definitive name. I was advised not to translate this text into English and also advised to publish it as a book, but I do not know if I will follow that advice, because, if this text resonates in Brazil, the resonance will be mitigated by the international reaction. So the text needs to find readers in other countries for collective resistance. If third world countries listen, as well as more open-minded first-world countries, the more conservative countries may be “cornered” by this pressure, which may be exerted by Islamic, immigrant, and youth groups in these conservative territories as well. In addition, publishing a book guarantees that the speed of propagation will be lower and its range would be very narrow, since few people read books regularly in Brazil.

But when the text is released, I will make a more polished version of it to publish as a book. This more polished version will not be translated, at least not at first.

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