25 de dezembro de 2018


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After some time dedicating myself to real life, I decided to go back to studying and writing. But I have a lot of material on obscure topics that I still need to read and also a lot of philosophy stuff that I have to read. For example, I started reading German Ideology . Despite the name, it is not a commentary on Hitler’s work, but a book by Engels and Marx (great political climate for reading communist works). So I decided to balance things: for each book of philosophy I read, I will publish notes about other texts that I read. I do this to avoid the monopoly of certain contents.

Well, it’s December twenty-fifth. Bolsonaro will be our president soon. That worries me. For example, these days, Toffoli denied the release of second-instance prisoners, although this is the constitutional thing to do (no one can be arrested without running out of court appeals first). Those who can appeal to higher courts should not be arrested, according to our Constitution. Why did he deny a constitutional right to someone (specially Lula, who was arrested on those terms)? It is speculated that this has to do with a meeting of the Armed Forces that took place all that day and with pressures via Twitter . Suppose that such events are connected. If Toffoli has caved to the pressure from the Armed Forces (assuming such pressure has taken place), then the democratic republic is already over and a military coup has already taken place. It would not be a question of thinking if the democratic republic is going bad or is in crisis, but thinking about how to reestablish it. If this is proven, Brazil died for me. We have to resurrect it.

Another thing that worries me is the possible removal of the philosophy discipline from high school. That is a far more remote possibility, it seems to me, since the next government has more pertinent concerns and it seems that Bolsonaro always goes back on his word when he says something unpopular. In addition, with the new high school, state education networks will have autonomy to manage the diverse parts of the curriculum. My state has someone of the Worker’s Party heading the government, so maybe he hears the clamor of state teachers and includes philosophy in the diversified curriculum.

Maybe I’m worrying too much. The fact is that I already see that I will not like this government, that it has serious chances of harming me in particular. That, of course, if Bolsonaro indeed rules anything, not someone else who could come to take his place. I would not know what to expect from a second (or third, maybe fourth) coup in such a short time.

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