5 de julho de 2019

What I learned by reading “Alice – True or not True?”.

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“Alice – True or not True?” Was written by CM Rubin. Below, what I learned by reading this text.

The relationship between Alice and Lewis.

Lewis was more comfortable around little girls than around adults. In the Victorian Era, it was normal for an adult man to have a platonic relationship with a little girl. That would be cause of suspicion today. Although Lewis was accused of having “perverse desires,” he often supported charitable initiatives to defend poor children and young women. Lewis also believed that female education was more than just teaching her how to be a housewife. Alice might have been Lewis’s most important friend, but not the only one: ​​Lewis was friends with several other children. Lewis also believed that adults in general do not listen to children and that no one tries to explain important things to children, even when those things have a dramatic impact on their lives.

The Victorian Era was also a time when there was nothing wrong with children posing naked in photo essays. Lewis had a platonic contact with Alice and also photographed the nudity of his beloved. However, he did not do these things without permission from Alice’s parents and from Alice herself. It is not possible to say with certainty what was going on in Lewis’s mind during his interaction with Alice. Alice did not consider her contact to Lewis to be negative. The meaning of their relationship is up to interpretation. The friendship between the two ended when Alice’s parents decided that Lewis was not a good match for a future marriage.

After Such Kindness.

Such friendship also became a source material for the creation of fiction: some authors have created stories that show what might have happened if their friendship did not end. One such story is called After Such Kindness, by Gaynor Arnold, in which a guy develops friendship with his friend’s daughter and they become quite fond of each other. Although After Such Kindness is based on the true story of Lewis and Alice, the characters of After Such Kindness are not faithful portraits of Lewis and Alice.

The original idea of After Such Kindness was to write a novel about a platonic relationship between a girl and a man, but from the girl’s point of view.

Years later, the girl, now a woman who is unhappy with her marriage, finds her childhood diary … and begins to reinterpret that friendship she had as a child. Nowadays, we know that the children are sexual beings and that there are adults who are attracted to children, so it is no longer possible to look at a friendship between an adult and a child without seeing in it some sexual connotation (the so-called “stranger danger”). There are adults who fall in love with children. So, a person, after growing up, upon looking back at that special friendship, may notice that something felt “off”. This is especially serious when we remember that Lewis took pictures of Alice’s nudity. If such friendship happened today, Lewis could be arrested and Alice could be sent to therapy.

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  1. Did you already read After Such Kindness? If so, is it a good book? I think I have seen you had posted about this in another publication, but I don’t remember if it was you for real. And I was interesting to read.

    By the way, I have seen some news told that Lewis Carroll wasn’t a paedophile. I’m trying to search for this, but I’m not finding the post. I’d like to publish it here. I remember that one of the points the writer did to defend his or her idea was that taking nude photography of little girls wasn’t uncommon; then, that says nothing about Carroll’s attraction. But there were others that I don’t remember now.

    Anyway, I’ll try to find this post.

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    Comentário por Bartholomew — 7 de julho de 2019 @ 16:59

    • I have not read it. I think he was, really. Could be wrong.


      Comentário por Yure — 7 de julho de 2019 @ 19:56

      • Well, I remember that the critiques on the idea that Lewis Carroll was a paedophile are really weak, you know. For example, the idea that because it was common to take photography of little girls naked, then Lewis Carroll was just a normal guy, is actually really stupid, since it doesn’t say nothing about if he is or not a paedophile. There was probably paedophiles who did take picture of little girls naked as well as non-paedophiles who did the same.

        I remembered now that another critique was about the fact that Lewis had sexual attraction for women. Consequently, he couldn’t be a paedophile. You know, those critiques actually say nothing about Lewis’ attraction. I am trying hard to find the post, but I ain’t finding. So sad.

        Well, in my view, Lewis was a paedophile and there’s nothing wrong about that. He didn’t rape Alice and apparently loved her so much. Then, if he was apparently a nice guy, why would I hate Lewis Carroll? Or be worried about his paedophiliac attraction?


        Comentário por Bartholomew — 7 de julho de 2019 @ 20:38

        • Very well-put, beloved. Another critique is that Lewis didn’t actually had sex with Alice. But that doesn’t disqualify him as a pedophile, since pedophilia is a feeling, not an act. The critique only makes sense for people who identify pedophilia and adult/child sex as the same thing.


          Comentário por Yure — 7 de julho de 2019 @ 21:16

          • Yes. That was another critique. Now I remember that the critique commented that many people in Victorian Age had sex with children, and Lewis hadn’t. Then, he couldn’t be a paedophile.

            Well, even that it was “easier” to have sex with children in the Victorian Age and many paedophiles had been in sexual relationship with them, that doesn’t exclude Lewis of being a paedophile at all, just because he hadn’t been sexual with Alice.

            Probably many paedophiles had chosen not to have sex with children at the time, as Lewis may have chosen too. There is a misconception among non-paedophiles that if you have the opportunity to be sexual with a child and don’t take it at a time that being sexually involved with a child was not really “condemned”, then you’re not a paedophile at all. As you have said, paedophilia isn’t an act, but a feeling. That way, I can love a child, but never get sexual with her or him.

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            Comentário por Bartholomew — 7 de julho de 2019 @ 23:09

            • I believe he didn’t have sex with Alice because Alice wouldn’t want it. I mean, he asked her permission even to take nudes of her. And he thought that kids had to be listened. So, he would not want to have sex with her at the expense of her will just because the spirit of the times allowed him to (though I don’t think it did, since I believe that was a taboo on fornication back then).

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              Comentário por Yure — 8 de julho de 2019 @ 13:11

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