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28 de julho de 2019

What I learned reading “New System of Nature.”

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New System of Nature” was written by Leibniz. Below, what I learned by reading his text.

  1. Promote your writings.
  2. Wise men should collaborate more often.
  3. It would be easier to attain such collaboration if different thinkers didn’t use the same word in different ways.
  4. Do not publish your text immediately; give it to other people who also study the subject you wrote about to see if they can critique it first.
  5. Only after fixing the text accordingly, you can publish it.
  6. If your text is reviewed by other intellectuals, it will be worth reading it.
  7. Animals are not machines.
  8. Aggregate matter is not capable of forming consciousness or intellect.
  9. Life is a miracle attributable to God.
  10. Spiritual things can not be explained by the laws of matter.
  11. Resurrections occur in nature.
  12. To assume that one can explain nature in the same way that one explains the products of human artifice (mechanicism) is presumption.
  13. Mechanicism does not explain thought or consciousness.

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