Mês: setembro 2019

  • The size of the task.

    As I said, I am abandoning the annotation format and converting annotations already published into proper texts. The size of the task is this: 122 entries to be modified and 122 to be deleted. While I complete this task, I do not intend to post anything new. At most, you will notice the number of […]

  • O tamanho da tarefa.

    Como eu disse, estou abandonando o formato de anotação e convertendo as anotações já publicados em textos propriamente ditos. O tamanho da tarefa é este: 122 entradas a ser modificadas e 122 a ser apagadas. Enquanto eu termino esta tarefa, eu não pretendo postar nada novo. No máximo, você perceberá o número de entradas publicadas […]

  • What I learned from reading “Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.”

    “Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous” was written by Berkeley. Below, what I learned from reading this book. Contact with nature invigorates the mind. Total skepticism (according to which the only truth is that there is no truth in anything else) is harmful because it puts everything into a relativistic framework. One cause of skepticism is […]

  • What I learned from reading “The importance of sharing clinical information.”

    “The importance of sharing clinical information: the case report of an adverse reaction” was written by Alexandra Cadete, Lara Sutil, Carine Silva and Joana Simões. Below, what I learned reading this text. A doctor may employ a treatment even when there is no consensus on the safety and effectiveness of its use (not that it’s […]