In 2009, this site was a blog at Windows Live Spaces. It used to be called Pedra, Papel e Tesoura. It’s original function was to serve as platform to share fiction, small tales, while I worked on a book that was never really released (I was sixteen-years-old back then). After a while, it became a personal diary, where I would write about my life. Not very interesting, when you are sixteen and a total nerd. So, I would also write here what could be interesting for others like me.

In 2014, I started to read and write anotes on philosophy books. That quickly became my favorite thing to do in my spare time. It’s a virgin thing. When I graduated in philosophy, I changed this site’s name to Analecto, to better reflect that new interest. Now, this site is a repository for thoughts in general. When I conclude something and think that others could benefit from that conclusion, I come here and write those thoughts out, then publish. So, this site isn’t about anything in particular. It’s just about what this bookworm often thinks about.

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