17 de dezembro de 2018

“MAP Starting Guide” now on Ipce!

I sent the MAP Starting Guide to Ipce these days and today none other than Frans Gieles replied to my email . He published the text on Ipce , although erroneously attributed only to me, when Hikari co-authored the text with me (I already asked him to correct it). Gieles, who is virtually the owner of Ipce and one of the key people at NVSH’s JORis workshops in the Netherlands, said he would work on a translation of the text into Dutch. Thus, the MAP Starting Guide will be available in five languages:

The Guide is the only text I wrote that had this reach, though it would not have been possible without Hikari, who is much more experienced and educated than I am. But Gieles asked for two things to be corrected in the text.

First, that the term “JORIS” be written as “NVSH’s JORis groups”. The Portuguese version and the Russian version are based on the old text, which only mentions B4U-ACT as a mutual support group, and it would be interesting if the Russian version to also mentioned the JORis groups.

Second, a problem that only exists in the most recent versions (English and Spanish): I forgot to mention that thoughts and feelings can never be outlawed. In the original version of the text, which survives in Portuguese and Russian, I mentioned this, but I totally forgot to mention this fact in the English version and the Spanish version inherited this error.

Gieles mentioned that he wants to also put the Spanish and Russian versions in Ipce, with the exception that the Russian version should be put into a PDF. If this is the case, it would be nice if the translators for Spanish and Russian would review the texts as they see fit. As I updated the English version, parts of the text will have to be retranslated if it is in the interest of the translators to follow this advice . At least for me, both translations are good the way they are. So much so that I will not fix the Portuguese version, since the original text, on which the Portuguese version was based, is very different from the current text.Plus , since Ipce does not have a Portuguese section, the Portuguese version will be the only one that won’t be put there as well.

Thanks for the translations!

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