17 de agosto de 2020

So, I have started to post in English again.

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In this past year of only posting in Portuguese, I started to feel alienated of fellow bloggers who only speak English. Moreover, I felt disconnected from the cause. So I decided to post in English again. However, as one might have noticed, ever since I finished my huge essay on the cause, there’s nothing left for me to say about this matter. So, even though I’m posting in English again, there won’t be much MAP stuff anymore, as all that I could have said about it was already said. I’ll still tackle this subject on occasion, because some of my readings reignite my interest. For example: I have just finished reading Civitate Dei, by Augustine, and I found two pieces of advice that are useful for MAPs, even though the work is mostly about Christianity. Plus, I still want to make this a general purpose blog, much like Steve‘s blog. So, yeah. Hopefully, nobody missed my English stuff.

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