6 de setembro de 2017

To my three new followers who speak English.

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I’m very thankful for you guys following me, but I feel compelled to make three warnings about this blog, before you guys can go any further. No problem, they aren’t criticism or hating, it’s just that I feel like I need to say that.

Even though I comment in your blogs in English, this blog has a majorly Brazilian audience. As such, most of my entries are written in Portuguese. In fact, the only entry that I have and that is bilingual is my review of Rind Report (A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples), in Portuguese and English. That was a first. This blog is mostly focused on philosophy reviews and I’m only recently tackling the subject of attraction to minors. Currently, I’m reading and reviewing Rivas’ Positive Memories, the review will also be bilingual. So, this first warning is just to say that most of the content isn’t in English. My original Estupro de Vulnerável, however, got a partial translation at Brongersma.

The second warning is that I noticed that at least two of the three new followers are atheist. I’m not going to preach to you or try to convert you and I have atheist (and anti-theist) friends online, whom I have a decent relationship with. Entries about religion are very rare here, but I make them once in a blue moon. So, hopefully, you guys won’t be offended by it. And don’t worry; I’m pretty liberal, even sexually, so I won’t make any entry bashing anyone for whatever reason. In fact, I’m pretty lost about my beliefs, not attending to any church and never having such interest ever since the beginning.

The third and last warning is that I noticed that your blogs have comments set for approval only. It’s understandable, given the sensitive nature of the themes discussed. But I don’t do the same. My comments are unmoderated. Ever since I published a small study, when I was only sixteen, about how masturbation is not sinful, I receive hate non-stop. It’s been eight years since and that entry is my most accessed one. And now I’m super interested in reading about attraction to minors. I’m digging Ipce to bleeding and am up to write reviews on the stuff they have on Host and Books Reborn, both in Portuguese and English, so you may think that it’s insane. It’s probably insane. But I need people to critique. I can’t improve my own views on any subject without hearing the opposite view. Sure, a lot are not willing to “debate”, but just to bash, but I try to be tactful to those as well and encourage them to expose why they think like that, so I can hone my own argumentation and maybe respond to them. So, if you see someone trying to feast on my flesh, that’s a normal day for me. The only moderation condition is links. If a comment has at least one link to another page, I must check it myself to ensure it’s safe for others.

If you are interested in what I have written about the Rind Report, there’s a link to it in my Índice page. The review of Positive Memories may take a while to complete, because I just began. The next on the queue, after Memories is Carroll’s Radical Case. And that’s all. Hopefully, I didn’t confuse anyone.

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