5 de outubro de 2018

It would be good if single men adopted children.

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I was thinking these days about the fact that fewer and fewer men are marrying or dating, because of the disadvantages of such behavior and the implicit risks. The idea of ​​moving away from relationships is sound and I believe that it is the right choice to take so that the risk decreases over time. Our capitalist system needs children who can be trained and young adults who can work. So the government will sooner or later have to act to reduce the social risk of heterosexual relationships. So, I really think that getting away from relationships is good for men. But what about the boys?

People speak of a “boy crisis”: boys are doing poorly at school, are turning more to crime, are developing more mental problems and need more treatment, specially because they are committing suicide more often, compared to girls. For many, this is due to the fact that fathers are leaving families and boys, because they have a different biology, can not be perfectly educated by a single mother. Others suggest that it’s the environment in which the boy is growing, as it’s oppressive towards males. I do not know if those are the real reasons for the so-called boy crisis, but if it is, the success of boys needs to become something to pursue, because being male is becoming risky. The problem of the man is solved, but the problem of the boy remains. Avoiding relationships is solving just one half of the problem. The other half can be solved by preparing the next generation to be more informed, just and stronger overall.

I think the problem can be mitigated in the short term and solved in the long run if every single man adopts a child or at least keeps one child from the previous marriage. After all, living alone, you have more resources and could take care of a kid. There are other benefits inherent in adoption, such as not needing to adopt a baby, but an older child or even a teenager. Children and adolescents in shelters grow with even less emotional support and will be disadvantaged adults if they are not adopted by someone who can give them close guidance. So whether the problem is caused by the above reasons or not, developing the boy’s physical, mental and social capacity is a means of allowing him to adapt to the hostile environment so that change can be made possible.

If you adopt a child or keep the children from your previous marriage, the risk of living without a partner is solved, because the child, after gaining financial independence, can support you when you become an elder. In addition, if boys grow up to become confused and scared men, the solution to the male crisis will be slower or perhaps regress, as boys may seek guidance from the opposing team.

The boy must be able to explore and develop his physical and intellectual potentialities, but he does not find an environment that allows that: there are no public policies aimed at the boy who is having trouble while learning to read, people don’t pay attention to the fact that the male population is distancing itself from university, among other forms of negligence. The only person who could help a promising boy would be a good father, but where is such father? That father could be you.

So, I think that declining relationships is solving only part of the problem. The second half can be solved by the adopting children and preparing them for the future, allowing the full development of their physical, mental and social abilities, so that they are not led to employ themselves in the perpetuation of a perverse system.

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