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  • Some advice from Augustine, part 6.

    Continuing my reading of Augustine’s work, I now deal with some advice that I found in the Confessions and in De Magistro. I already talked about the latter in a text about rape. Confessions is an autobiographical philosophical reflection of Augustine. He remembers his life and reflects on it philosophically. But De Magistro is a […]

  • Notes on “Confessions”.

    “Confessions” was written by Augustine. Below are some notes I made about his text. They aren’t quotations and may not reflect my views on a given subject. It seems like some people can’t function without having a religion. To talk about a god without knowing that god risks you to talk about the wrong god. […]

  • Philosophical notes: Augustine.

    Below is a list of the things I learned by reading the following books from Augustine: the city of God, Christian doctrine, the trinity, the true religion, the care due to the dead, consecrated virginity, confessions, confessions, against academics: dialogue in three books, dialogue on happiness, the “excidio vrbis” and other sermons on the fall […]