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  • Moral sense.

    Emotion can serve as the engine of action. Emotion drives us to act, not in a certain way, but in general. If ethics is the study of human actions as good, bad, right, wrong, just or unjust, it follows that ethical reflection cannot be abstracted from the appraisal emotions, as emotion can be easily identified […]

  • Ethics.

    One day, the subway watchman asked me what philosophy is. This type of question tends to embarrass everyone, including philosophers. Fortunately, I have an answer ready to satisfy the uninitiated: philosophy is the rational study of things that science does not study. I say this because both philosophy and science are means of rationally seeking […]

  • Notes on “Ethics”.

    “Ethics” was written by Spinoza. Below are some notes I took about his text. “Cause of itself” doesn’t mean that something made itself, but something that has existence as part of it’s concept, that is, something that we can’t conceive as non-existent. A body can not be limited by a thought and a thought is […]