23 de janeiro de 2019

The good side of hate.

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I did not want to say this, but I’m glad the dust has come down. This month, for good start of the year, I received an abnormal number of pageviews. My views-per-day record was 433 until this month, when the MAP Starting Guide received just over 1,000 views in one day. Most came from Twitter , with a good volume also coming from Mumsnet . Of course the text received some attacks. But considering the received traffic and the negative reaction, the number of neutral or undeclared reactions was immense.

At Mumsnet , when a woman posted a link to the MAP Starting Guide , she was quickly accused of transphobia: she seemed to use the text to justify non-acceptance of transgenders, because sooner or later they would bring the acceptance of pedophilia as well (or so she said). For many who posted, the connection made no sense. Some read the text honestly. And others who read the text pointed out that maybe, just maybe, the woman who started the debate was exaggerating, not to say distorting the content of the text. She also had an extremely misandric bias, sounded like a very resentful and truly transphobic feminist. When I realized today that the link had been posted on Twitter by a person who calls herself a feminist, is openly transphobic and misandric (two characteristics that go hand in hand, because she said that “men are not women”, which suggests that their problem with transgenders is the fact that there would be biological men among women), I realized that they were the same person.

She had a forced reading of the text, skipped the definitions or perhaps had no interest in reading them in the first place. She is the first person I see who says anti-contacts are supportive of child pornography, which is unbelievable. I may not agree with the conduct of anti-contacts, but I see no problem in repeating what they already say about themselves.

But there is a good side to it. Some people have made valid criticisms to the text. I am happy to announce that the criticism has been accepted and the text has been modified accordingly. Now the MAP Starting Guide is better thanks to those criticisms. I would credit my detractors as co-authors, if that was not too controversial. So, I ask you to continue to discuss my text in public; I will be observing, from afar, what they are saying and making the changes that I deem necessary, according to the criticisms that I find valid. Now for those who like what I write, I ask you to multiply the writings out there. Repost, modify, publish your own versions, with or without intention of profit. You do not even have credit me or Hikari, the person who authored the text with me. For such a miserable cause, any publicity is good. Proof of this is that the amount of hate received by the text was small compared to the traffic generated. Many people read the text, few people raised their voice against it. Is not that noteworthy?

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