18 de setembro de 2015

Carta a um amigo anônimo.

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Uma carta que eu queria enviar a um amigo, mas, como o tempo não permite que ele a receba em tempo real, eu a colocarei aqui e lho entregarei a ligação, de forma que ele possa lê-la quando tiver tempo. Em adição, colocar a carta aqui poderá ajudar outros com o mesmo problema. Ela fala sobre masturbação, sexualidade e pornografia, embora não de uma forma a incitar excitação sexual no leitor. Assim, embora um dos temas seja pornografia, não é um texto pornográfico e acredito que não viola as regras do WordPress. A identidade do amigo será mantida em segredo.

I have thought about your problem all day today and I have come to some conclusions on it. You say that you think that your sexuality is excessive, but I think that excess is something that happens in such a frequency or something that is so abundant that it causes harm. Excess is a harmful amount, like the lack, except that excess and lack differ in degree. So,to consider your sexuality excessive, it needs to cause you harm, that can take any of four shapes. It’s a physical excess, if it causes harm to the body. A mental excess, if its source of bad mental conditions, such as stress or depression. A social excess, when it bothers your social interactions. It’s a spiritual excess, when it takes you to break the rules of your religion (I don’t think you have one, though). From what you told me, your sexuality might be both a mental excess and a social excess. In the case of the mental excess, it’s source of embarrassment and confusion. You told me that you masturbate around five times a day. Maybe you are easily excitable or have a greater demand of satisfaction, I don’t know, but judging from Rain (who is a great programmer who masturbates four times a day), Dax (who is a boy who masturbates up to eight times a day and is very interested in politics, is a serious student and has aspirations to cinema) and myself (graduating in philosophy, about to get a job as teacher, while also being a closet baby fur who masturbates up to five times a day), your mental excess might actually be a pessimism, caused by your views on your own problem. That is, you are taking it too seriously, because others who masturbate with almost the same frequency have a decent life, both in their free time and in their jobs or studies. Evaluating your life as whole, would it make much difference to quit? You have a job, free time and friends, after all. You said, however, that you have bothersome erections while working, which is a social excess. Your sexuality seems to get on the way of some needed social interactions. When we ram on an excess, before we consider to deprive ourselves of the source of excess (in this case, sexuality), we should consider if we can lower the amount to a safer level. Erections are caused by thoughts. In that case, the problem is not excess of masturbation, but excess of fantasies. You would have a better luck getting less erections by quitting pornography comsumption, and not quitting self-pleasure. But, as I said, maybe we can lower it to safer levels, not quitting abruptly. Making up your own fantasies takes time and energy. You most likely will entertain yourself with a single fantasy until it becomes dull and uninteresting, reducing the chances of causing pleasure craves. During that period (let’s call it a “boring stage”), you start to make up another fantasy, which takes time and energy. But consuming pornography saves you from the effort of imagining things and there will be no boring stage. Meaning that erections can potentially happen with constant frequency. I’m not saying that pornography is bad or anything like that, but even good things, when taken in great amounts, can become a problem. In the end, this is the advice I can give to you: maybe the excess of sexuality is just pessimism, since others can have a good life even when masturbating more often than you do now, but, due to the social excess, you have to lower it to safer levels. Considering that your problem are erections, fueled by thoughts, you can control the problem by reducing (or annihilating, if reducing shows no results) influences like arousing imagery, fantasies or sounds. That way, controlling the thoughts will demand less willpower, since the current fantasies you have will grow uninteresting with time.

9 de dezembro de 2013

Alguém leia o comentário desse cara.

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Estudo bíblico sobre a masturbação. | Pedra, Papel e Tesoura..

Alguém leia o comentário desse cara. Wankers, unite! Em nome das patadas já dadas e não dadas!

Quase que eu revogo minha decisão de reter na fila de spam qualquer comentário contendo links. Mas fui mais forte que isso. De toda forma, se você souber ler inglês, tome o comentário dele como um apêndice ao estudo.

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