3 de junho de 2019

What I learned reading “Didactics as a Quality Factor in the Teaching and Learning Process”.

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” Didactics as a Quality Factor in the Teaching and Learning Process” was written by Amanda and Alessandra. Below, what I learned by reading this text.

  1. Traditional teaching, the mere transfer of content, is not didactic.
  2. Didactics is the technique of teaching, that aims to make it easier for the student to reach a certain goal.
  3. To build a teaching technique, the teacher has to figure out why is he teaching and what he wants from his student.
  4. Didactics, as a practice, is applied pedagogy: it is the use of pedagogical theory in the practical situation of teaching something to someone.
  5. Didactics as an area of ​​thought is the study of teaching techniques.
  6. Didactics implies active intervention of the teacher in the student’s learning process.
  7. Thus, “learning alone” does not imply didactic: didactics, by definition, requires the presence of a teacher, which excludes self-learning.
  8. The idea that education is a human right has roots in religion, more specifically the Protestant branch of Christianism: the creator of modern didactics, Comenius, was a pastor and concluded that education is a fundamental because it enables us to better know God.
  9. Education must start from what the student already knows, teaching new stuff by making relations between the known and the unknown.
  10. Classical means of education, based on the memorization and separation between teaching and concrete life, does not meet bourgeois demands.
  11. Allowing untrained teachers in school is a setback.
  12. Comenius wanted a teaching method that could enable students to learn more without the need of teaching more (that is, more learning without the need of extra work), reducing noise and overwork in the classroom, both for students and teachers.
  13. He also hoped that such technique would reduce the problems of Christendom.
  14. It is not possible to teach without a goal: unless we have clearly devised a goal, we can’t come up with a method for anything.
  15. Teachers must help each other.
  16. The teaching techniques used before the Comenius still survive in the form of “traditional teaching” (in which the teacher expects the student to memorize and reproduce what was taught).
  17. This type of teaching does not favor individual development.
  18. Teaching must start from what the student already knows.
  19. A good teacher observes the student’s casual learning, to use their habits of spontaneous learning in his favor.
  20. Didactics must be considered in any project that aims to develop the people.

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