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  • Circumcision.

    A friend of mine was watching a live broadcast by a Filipino artist whom he likes. During the broadcast, the artist mentioned that he was circumcised at age seven and had not liked it at all. Other Filipinos on the live chat shared the same sentiment. At seven, your memory has been working for a […]

  • Does the Bible forbids drinking?

    Just a quick post. You see, I have access to the search terms that people use to reach this blog, so I know more or less what people are looking for. So, recently, I noticed an on-off stream of traffic coming from people concerned with what the Bible says about alcohol. So, I think I […]

  • Notes on the “Letter About Tolerance”.

    The “Letter About Tolerance” was written by John Locke. Below are some statements made in that text. They aren’t quotations, but paraphrases, and may or may not reflect my views on this subject. A church in which people are intolerant isn’t really a church at all. If you claim to be christian, you are supposed […]