6 de fevereiro de 2018


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Recently, I spent too much time studying relationships between minors and adults as well as between two minors. If I continue studying that theme with so much determination, I might end up bored of it. So, I’m going back at reading more normal stuff for a while. Everything in excess is harmful, specially when it’s about studying controversial subjects. So, don’t expect much about that in this month.

I’m still thinking about writing notes on Brazilian laws after I’m done reading everything in my list of books and articles. There’s a lot of stuff in there. Another theme that I would like to study about are the multiple political parties in operation in my country. It likely will be done just for fun, since political ideology seems to be a dead concept here. But it’s interesting, nonetheless, so we can see if politicians really stopped making decisions according to their party’s ideology.

Tomorrow, I’ll start Criton, a book by Plato and that I ignored. Then, I’ll read Huib Kort’s article, then the DSM-I and the Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Given this warning, I’ll stop yapping now. Sleep well.


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