31 de maio de 2012

Uma vida para quem me achar naquela imagem.

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Melancolia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

Shiba: :323:15:32

Shiba: hai23:15:37

Yure: Hi…23:16:06

Shiba: how ish23:16:16

Yure: Terrible.23:16:23

Shiba: whys that?23:16:34

Yure: I feel stupid.23:16:49

Yure: Unable to understand simple things.23:16:59

Shiba: what do you mean23:17:14

Yure: Helping a friend with his game, as you know. But today I wasn’t motivated… As we worked, I started to commit embarrassing mistakes. He played along, trying to not make big deal about it. But I was making a fool of myself.23:18:11

Shiba: *nodS* everyone has days like that23:18:35

Yure: He asked if I needed a tool for the task I was doing, to make it automated. I felt even worse.23:19:12

Yure: But we gave a pause once I told him that.

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