31 de março de 2019

What I learned reading “The Importance of Research in Training and Teaching Action”.

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The Importance of Research in Training and Teacher Action” was written by Andréa Bengozi. Below, what I learned by reading this text.

  1. The teacher should also be a researcher.
  2. This study accompanies ten teachers to know what is the impact of research on their activity.
  3. Even if the teacher is a researcher, there is no guarantee that the school will make good use of this ability.
  4. Critical thinking begins with the ability to question.
  5. Why not use our classrooms as a research lab?
  6. How to use data collected in the classroom for scientific research?
  7. In Brazil, it is difficult for a teacher to produce knowledge.
  8. The bibliographic research only gathers data from other works and presents them .
  9. While bibliographic research uses scientific books and articles, documentary research uses other sources and records, which includes sources that are not academic in nature.
  10. Practical research is not totally abstracted from the literature, but mainly seeks to extract data from concrete reality to test a hypothesis.
  11. Practical research is divided into field research (research hypothesis testing) and research with action (attempt to understand and transform the object, rather than studying it just to extract data).
  12. It is necessary to teach how to research.
  13. The idea of a teacher who is also researcher dates back to the seventies: the classroom is a laboratory and the students are your sample.
  14. The formative character of education is not fully achieved by the mere reproduction of information already collected by others.
  15. The concept of research in teaching practice is too broad, sometimes exceedingly broad, and this hampers its application, because no one knows exactly what it means to be a “researcher teacher”.
  16. The consensus is: “research is necessary for teacher training .”
  17. But there is no consensus as to how useful the practice of research in the profession of teacher would actually be.
  18. Anyway, research done in the field of education can be useful to all teachers, not only to the teacher doing the research.
  19. You learn new content by making connections between the new one and the content you already learned.
  20. One form of data collection is the questionnaire, which allows to obtain data from several people without interviewer mediation.
  21. But collecting data by questionnaire only works if the questionnaire is anonymous.
  22. Quantitative research relies on statistics, whereas qualitative research relies on reports and narratives.
  23. Of the ten teachers studied, only five participated in research projects.
  24. Despite this, everyone uses research in the classroom, as a means of presenting content.
  25. The difficulties for the application of research as a work tool comes from lack of interest and lack of material conditions.
  26. The type of research most teachers do is the bibliographical one.
  27. Bibliographic research is mandatory if we want to research facts from the past.
  28. The student must learn to research autonomously.
  29. Because of the lack of material condition, it is more difficult to undertake research at school than at university.
  30. This study has no pretension of generalization.
  31. A noisy classroom is not necessarily lazy, a quiet classroom is not necessarily productive.
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