Ten years.

It’s been a decade since I created this site, back when Windows Live Spaces was a thing. After a few years posting, since I was sixteen, Microsoft decided to close Spaces and migrate all blogs to WordPress. I wish I had something deep to say or something, but I really do not have it. Other than these days I’ve been thinking of deleting the site to migrate its content elsewhere. I think it would be laborious and maybe I would lose the progress that I have made so far.

I do not like to make announcements because then I go back on my word or I feel overwhelmed in trying to meet expectations and neither thing pleases me. Despite this, I want to write personal things here again. Maybe offer political comment since it’s been three years since I started to get interested in politics, and the only thing I wrote about it was an article using Rousseau’s The Social Contract to trash talk Temers government. Now that Glenn is showing how Operation Lava-Jato was a farce, insofar as judge Sérgio Moro instrumentalized the Public Prosecutor’s Office to convict Lula without evidence, two things that are not lawful, maybe this is a great time to start talking of the subject.

So I guess I do not have much else to add. It’s my tenth year writing stuff on this site. I expected it to attract negative attention from a lot of people after I started to study certain subjects, which could culminate in a doctoral thesis at some point (in fact, that text that I promised is still being written and has already reached the mark of a hundred pages). Instead, I got to know others, including researchers, who sympathize with my opinions. Not that they read my annotations on books and papers that I read. Also, I found out that those notes I make are difficult to read. Despite this, I have also been told that there are people using such notes to study for exams.

Well… I guess that’s all. A decade of blogging.

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