That doesn’t help the president, nor the military, nor the police.

“On 12/22/2022, several protestors from the camp spoke to me and suggested that we explode a bomb in the parking lot of Brasília Airport during the early hours of the morning and then make an anonymous report about the presence of two other bombs inside the departure area. And the next day, (12/23/2022) an unknown woman suggested to the protesters at the HQ that a bomb be installed in the energy substation in Taguatinga to cause a blackout and start the chaos that would lead to the enactment of the state of emergency by the president.

Read the full statement of the prisoner for attempted attack

This week, Brazil followed the saga of a patriot (a type of idiot) who tried to blow up a bomb at an airport in Brasilia to give President Bolsonaro a pretext to declare a state of siege in Brazil, perpetuating his mandate until chaos was over. But this kind of thing strengthens Lula.

Before starting to explain why, let’s understand the guy’s plan: plant a bomb on the power transmission poles at the Taguatinga substation, in order to leave the city in the dark. One person made the explosives and gave them to another guy to take the bomb to the designated location. But he didn’t follow the plan and planted the bomb at the airport. The bomb failed to explode despite an attempt to detonate it. If the city had been left in the dark, or if people had been injured, perhaps, they thought, the president could have declared a state of siege (something he cannot do alone).

Now, why does this favor Lula? Because the guy confessed that he was a Bolsonarist, that he wanted Bolsonaro to remain in power, that he wanted to fight communism, among others. Well, if you are in favor of Bolsonaro, you are against Lula and vice versa, in a polarized country like ours. So, anything that harms Bolsonaro’s image improves Lula’s image, which is his antithesis. Anything that the Bolsonarist base does affects the image of the president, wo is already fragile and depressed.

To make matters worse, the terrorist said that he was inspired by the words of the president himself, which gives support to people who argue that Bolsonaro’s public statements really inspire potential criminals. Not only that: he said that, on the night when there were attacks in Brasília against Lula’s victory, a policeman had told him that the police would not prevent damage to public property, as long as certain conditions were respected. With that, he damaged the image of the police, revealing that at least part of the police also wants the chaos. Lastly, he claimed to have contact with at least one army general. That makes the armed forces look bad too. With his arrest and his testimony, he managed to make things worse for Bolsonaro, for the police and for the army.

This fuels Lula. One of the first things he will do, through the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, is to dissolve the Bolsonarist camps in front of the army’s headquarters, because now the public has the perception, summarized in the words of Flávio Dino, that these camps are “terrorist incubators”. The terrorist provided a new way to stigmatize supporters of President Bolsonaro, who are already on the defensive after losing the elections. The tendency is for more people to move away from Bolsonaro and perhaps even from the right wing in general, because of the attitudes of a handful of crazy people throwing tantrums in front of the army’s headquarters.

Do these people realize that they are harming their own cause?

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Quando eu me formei, minha turma teve que fazer um juramento coletivo. Como minha religião não me permite jurar nem prometer, eu só mexi os lábios, mas resolvi viver com os objetivos do juramento em mente de qualquer forma.

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